Noodle Nostalgia
Mother, Mother,
I miss your noodle.

Mother, Mother,
I miss your Dumpling

Mother, Mother,
Cooking in the old steal wok.

Mother, Mother,
Where you go?

Mother, Mother,
Cultural revolution cost too much.

Swords can be used for evil,
To cut babies from mothers arms,
and harm your neighbors,
out of malice and cruelty.

But a sword could be used
to defend your friends,
And your loved ones,
And to to defend freedom.

Happiness is Choice
Frown comes easily,
When I think of sad things,
But i choose with stength,
and forcefull deliberation,
To focus on things of happiness,
and so i choose,
of my ow hands and nature,
to be happy.

Cherish Your Freedom
Peace is always the most beautiful answer,
But there are stormy days,
When peace seems unreachable,
On those days,
Brave people ride out to die ,
for what they believe you have a right to.

Remember always that thousands died,
For the freedoms you have.

Roses Red as the Dead
They say,
Roses are red.
I say,
Blood is red.

They say,
Violets are blue.
I say,
People of China are'blue'.

They say,
Sugar is sweet.
I say,
Freedom is sweet.

Bunch of Roses
Someone told me,
That Roses say,
"I love you,"
But roses cannot talk,
So how can they SAY anything?

If one wishes to SAY,
It is best done with the mouth,
Not fragile, wilting petals.

Lets Stop All Our Beatings
A heart can ache with sadness,
A heart can burst with joy,
A heart can erupt with fear,
A heart can seize with anger,
A heart works hard,
beating wildly.

Let me fill your heart with peace,
and we will rest our souls together.

I Am Growing
I am a tree
nothing more
nothing less
my roots dig deep into wisdom of earth,
my branches reach high into richness of heavens,
I bear fruit for the world.

Who Do You Call Mistake?
They say my name is typo,
My skin a smudge,
They say I am mistake,
These people who think they are kings.

But even a king,
Will bow to fire of dragon.

Spring Clean
Sadness hangs in the heart like cobwebs
Needing to be cleaned out
Anger floats like dust in the mind
it is best to sweep it
Regret is like a dirty floor
It begss to be washed.


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